There's Hope in Calgary After the Flooding

When I stopped to think about what I cherished most in my home, the answer was right at my feet. My pets! But, in second place were my photos. My memories. I would be devastated without them and I can't imagine how many people lost theirs recently in the Calgary floods.

I would like to help one family restore, or create some new memories with a 1hr complimentary family photo session.


 I dropped some clothes off at a local church recently that has been setup to donate directly to the residents affected by the Calgary floods and I would like to offer the session to the person who collects this T-shirt.

This was a special shirt to's Quiksilver, made of 100% recycled cotton and it's super comfy!


If you have this shirt and you'd love to create some new memories, get in touch with me.  

I hope we can make it happen.