Banff Shots with the Konica 35mm

Here are some of the shots I took in Banff recently with the Konica S2.

This was my first ever experience with a rangefinder camera and it was a lot of fun. Not only do you have to think more about each shot you take - since you only have 24 per roll - you also have to slow down and consider your settings and composition more precisely. 

We took a quick break at McDonald's for some hot chocolate where I reloaded some film and took a few shots.

Having a camera like this in your bag is great. It's different, it's exciting, the images are permanent and eternal - there is no deleting and retaking, and best of all your wife doesn't get mad at you for flipping through your images while she's trying to talk to you. That's a huge bonus for everyone!

I scanned all of these photos with me digital camera and edited them in Lightroom. More on that later.