Linda had never had photos taken with her motorcycle before - which was one of her favourite things in the world - so she contacted me about the idea of a portrait shoot that would include it. 

She says she was never a model, but her smile and her posing were so natural that it was more than a pleasure to work with her



I received the news last week that Linda had passed away. She had been battling with cancer for some time and although she stayed positive and optimistic about the outcome, she sadly lost the fight.
She died on Friday the 13th, which coincidently for those who don’t know is also the same day as one of the largest motorcycle events in world. It’s held in Port Dover ON, Canada – which is less than a few hours away - and this year hosted over 70,000 guests.

It was a real pleasure to know her. I hope that her memory lives on, not only in her friends and family and the people who knew her, but also in these photos for the people who did not.
You’ll be greatly missed.