Breastfeeding Awareness - Calgary Breastfeeding portrait

Breastfeeding for Lindsey was very challenging in the beginning. We saw numerous professionals & read everything that we could. Now, thankfully, we have a strong healthy little boy and success with feeding. This photo was created to help with Breastfeeding awareness. Beautiful, natural & healthy :-)

Erin & Tara's Pop-up Wedding - Calgary Wedding Photography

Ever been to a "Pop-Up' Wedding? Me neither, until recently.

Erin & Tara invited us over for a "surprise", but we weren't quite prepared for this. They had arranged a beautifully catered dinner and set a very relaxed and welcoming environment. Before we knew it, they announced that today would be the day they 'Tie the Knot'.

We couldn't be happier for them both and being around them for even just a few minutes you can see how in love they really are.