Confederation Park - Calgary Family Photos

If you've been to Confederation Park in Calgary, then you know how beautiful it is there, and how many great spots there are for photos. If you've been there on a weekend, then you know just how jam-packed it can get. We were fortunate on this day that we had just enough room to move around and get the shots that we had hoped for.

With a nice stream, a couple of walking bridges, a rustic wooden fence, rocks, bike paths and lots of great tree varieties, this park has lots to look forward to. Hopefully I'll get the chance to shoot there again this fall.

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Wendy, Trevor, Nathan & Michael - Calgary Family Photography

It was one of those hot days, when wearing pants was uncomfortable and when the sun dipped behind the clouds just long enough to make to think you were going to get a nice refreshing break...before it popped back out again.

That's what happens sometimes, but when you get a family like this together, you don't even think about it. It's easy to tell when a family is tight, and this is one tight family!

Blair Family - Calgary Family Photography

Often people think that you need to find a remote, or exotic location for family photos. Most of the time, under the right conditions, you don't have to go any further than your own backyard...especially when time is of the essence, like before a graduation.

The real pleasure is being close to the ones you love, and getting great photos that last forever.

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